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Seaport e Information

Qsys Ltd. Provides Logistics and Logistics software development solutions.

Contact Information

Qsys Ltd.
800 North Buchanan St.
Arlington VA 22203
phone: (703) 867 2345
fax: (703) 345-9361

Reference Contact information 
Mr. John Jowers, HTSI
    (703) 418-1601

Team Members

SENTEL Corporation Large Business Alexandria, VA Dahlgren, VA

Task Orders:


Technical Instructions

    No Technical Instructions

Quality Assurance

Qsys’s processes are designed to continually improve the quality of our customer support. Our method for ensuring the overall quality of our tasks is to establish rigorous planning, documentation and lines of accountability right from the beginning of the task. We also will use clear written delineation of the roles and missions of each task team member to establish both accountability as well as empowerment.

Quality assurance at Qsys means a pervasive focus on customer requirements, and pursuit of efficiency in our daily and business operations. To this end, Qsys will carry out the following QA strategies for the SEAPORTe contract:

Qsys will provide timely and accurate financial accounting and reporting.

Qsys will maintain close coordination with its customers through direct interface with Program and Task Managers.

The Program Manager will have direct access to top Qsys management to acquire any resources required to provide a quality product to the customer.

Our employees will be empowered by management to work with minimal layers of supervision, which allows employees to adjust their priorities to the technical requirements of the task.

Qsys will recognize and reward personnel for outstanding achievement, resulting in high motivation and outstanding customer service.

Qsys will offer its personnel advanced education and training in process improvement, problem-solving, decision-making, and team-building.

Qsys will continuously improve its corporate support processes such as personnel retention and recruitment, enhancing our skill base, cost controls, accountability, reporting procedures, customer relations, and contract compliance.

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Arlington, VA
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fax 703.345.9361

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