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General Capabilities

  • Web-enabled database system development experts
  • Logistics system development and enhancement 
  • MIS Applications development 
  • Systems integration 
  • Information system specification and development 
  • Documentation and modeling
  • A  base inventory control system that can be tailored to meet your requirements at a fraction of the cost of total system development 

Some Examples

This is a complete inventory control system designed for the US NAVY's Sponsor Owned Material Program, managing over a billion dollars in assets and 81 warehouses located all over the country.

Technology: WestWind Web connect, Visual Foxpro for the Object oriented middle tier programming, Microsoft Internet Information Server.

FISN.com www.fisn.com
This is an example of a successful commercial site selling a variety of financial products including "Jumbo" CDs (Certificate of Deposits worth over $100,000). 

FISN's web site is the number 1 listing on Yahoo and  Google, and number 3 on MSN for Certificates of Deposit.

Technology: Apache Webserver, Pearl/CGI, HTML, Search Engine optimization.

NAVAIR Logistics Support Center
Qsys has been supporting NAVY logistics since 1985 and this website is an example of using the web interface to provide access to legacy data. In this case data stored in dBase files.

Technology: dBase data files, Adobe Acrobat (custom report generation), ODBC, ASP, IIS, WestWind.

Originally an in-house support tool, Qsys now makes this tracking software available to everyone.  

Technology: SQL Server 2000, Cold Fusion, Java, JavaScript.


SQL Server
We recommend SQL server for database back ends. Qsys has extensive SQL server experience and can work with existing installations or implement new ones. 

Cold Fusion
This is our preferred solution for websites where access to existing data is  required and web development time is crucial.

This is a custom Web Technology by WestWind Inc. It leverages the ease of use of ASP syntax with MS Visual FoxPro's extraordinary programming language. The result is a remarkably fast, flexible, and rich web environment.

Qsys has used WebConnect for three major projects and has developed a custom development framework that delivers a full featured product at a fraction of the cost of typical new systems.

We recommend this solution to clients whose requirements include:

  • Complex interfaces
  • Many reports
  • Complex Business logic

We have implemented extremely complex & demanding applications with this software and are very impressed by its capabilities. 

Bar Code Systems
We have developed and support several bar code systems to support material labeling and inventory control. Features include label generation (material and location) and label scanning for inventory control with extensive validation programmed into the scanners. We support both local processing and upload/down load to/from a web-based database.

Government Logistics
Extensive experience in the development of US Military logistics control systems. We have developed and currently support MILSTRIP based systems in place and used around the world. Capabilities include Internet access for material availability and ordering. Further, we have in-depth experience in interfacing with military automated requisitioning, calibration, repair, and rework systems.

Visual Foxpro
We have been working with Microsoft Visual Foxpro since 1993. We have developed numerous systems and our own development framework. We currently use Visual Maxframe for standalone Systems as well as "Fat Client" development. We recommend this system for non-distributed, in-house database systems. The combination of flexibility and per-user price makes Visual Foxpro hard to beat. Depending on the size of the databases involved we recommend using SQL server as a database backend.

Web Hosting
Depending on the size of the application Qsys can provide web space on our servers, co-locate your web server on our dedicated internet connection, or manage a server/server cluster in a nearby co-location facility.

A typical Qsys application 

This example is for developing a new system from the ground up. It would typically include:

  • Development of a Requirement Specification
  • Access to existing corporate data
  • Object Oriented design
  • Client Server technology
  • Web interface for remote users
  • Remote Data access for distributed applications
  • Security features
  • Paperless reporting
  • Email integration

Our experience is with large integrated systems, but our developers have a component-based software framework that allows us to  develop smaller systems with many of the features of larger more powerful systems.


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